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Simply aim at the hull and you are good to go.

I shoot for the ball mounted machine-gun, but even at close range it seem rare that I pen i! And even with standard ammo in IS6 I have a mm pen roll — but again there are VERY few times that I can recall penning them frontally at various ranges and even at basically dead straight on to my shot! I always focus on the endgame — when i first worked 4 E when i first stated playing it was considered the king of the battle field will be my 2nd year in sept!!

About that part when you cant pen that machine gun port, i actually have theory about that. Shell of IS-6 top cannon is So you have like 2. Facebook Twitter Google Plus.

Time to give the T32 premium matchmaking, or remove the mutant's'!

Home Weak Spot Guides. T32" Thilix October 29, at Has to be my favorite right now, Right next to my IS Jacques March 21, at 4: T32 is one of the best balanced tanks in the game: For these reasons it is considered as one of best tanks in the game and is frequent choice in World of Tanks tournaments.

T32 is not much different tan T29 in gamestyle - it can perform same maneuvers and its hull down position is even safer than in its predecessor, due to better armored turret both front and sides and smaller hull. Front plate is upgraded, so this tank is very good in close combat, especially in frontal "hugging" to the enemy.

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Few tanks are able to defeat it in such position. Because T32 uses modules, which were used with T29, we just have to research new suspension to mount them on the tank.

"T32-A Proto" Review -- THIS TANK IS AWESOME -- World of Tanks: Mercenaries

Next step is developing new turret, because the basic one has only mm of armor on the front and every opponent may penetrate it. After mounting new super-turret, we only have to collect experience for M Like T29, T32 has quite weak hull and very resistant turret.

Top front plate is a little better armored that at its predecessor and is set at higher angle, thus after setting the tank at slight angle, many shots can ricochet on it. The safest way is to aim at the machine gun stand or bottom front plate.

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The turret is indestructible from the front - only strongest cannons in the game have any chances to penetrate it and this doesn't happen often. Sides and rear of the turret are also heavily armored, but in this case high caliber cannons can damage it.

If T32 "hugs" us, we are practically lost. The only option is to shot at commander's cupola but it is very hard to aim it or changing to HE shells and aiming at the cannon.

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In the second case we will have to wait for support of our team, so our colleagues can destroy the opponent. Sides and rear of the hull are weakly armored and easy to break through. Ammo rack is located under the turret and the engine is located in the rear part of the tank.

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